5 Reasons why your small business needs a social media presence

media is proving to be a crucial tool for growth. It can be used to gain visibility, reach prospects, and create better relationships with existing customers. As well as building relationships and networks, social media has become a crucial tool for building loyal communities and engaging with their audience to increase their digital footprints. 

After all this enormous growth of social media and its adoption rate,  24% of small businesses still don’t use social media at all. There are many reasons for you to avoid, still, in 2021 you should start creating your business presence on social media.  

Social media can be used to increase brand awareness, acquire new customers, improve communication with current customers and strengthen brand loyalty. It also allows for the free flow of information that can lead to new business opportunities. These are just a few of the benefits a well-developed social media strategy brings to your small business. In the next section of this article, we will go over deep about the reasons and benefits for your small business to have a social media presence.

Keep your brand in the limelight

Often a small business has a circle of customers they interact with regularly. By establishing a social media presence, you can bring your brand to the next level by reaching a larger audience. By posting regular content and engaging with visitors, it keeps small brands in the spotlight. 

Most people spend their time on social media engaging with their network and social connections. You can use it to promote yourself and your products or services. Engage your customers by allowing them to leave you reviews and photos. By having a real human conversation, you build a relationship with your audience and customers and keep your brand in their minds at all times.

Real-time feedback 

In order for a business to improve the quality of its products or services, feedback is essential. Social media helps in getting instant feedback for your business. It is most common for people to share their experiences on social media first. Be it good or bad, they always share it on their social media.

Using a sophisticated tool such as Hootsuite you can monitor who is talking about you in real-time and respond to them to increase your reputation and customer loyalty. Listening to your audience will help in understanding where you need improvement and how you should build a better relationship. It also helps in avoiding negative reactions by timely responses and taking them to a private conversation.

Build brand awareness

In today’s world, one of the first things a prospective customer does before making a purchase is the online research. By not having a social media strategy, you severely limit your chances of building brand awareness at this stage of the consumer decision-making process.

In this multi-channel, content-driven world, it is imperative to have a strong and strategic social media presence to keep your brand top-of-mind. Social media can easily slip into the ‘nice-to-have category, but brands can’t afford to ignore the power it has to penetrate consumers at every point in their path to purchase.

Influencer marketing

Using social media can help local business owners promote their brands. It gives you a chance to share your brand’s voice with existing and potential customers alike, and you can engage your audience through social media. Reviews or recommendations could be included in the content.

In order to scale up sales and business, reaching more audiences and users is vital. It is possible to do this by leveraging influencers who can recommend your product or service. You can also think about micro-influencers who have a lesser audience but more engagement, that can bring more outreach to your brand.

Engage with audience

Audience engagement is a key factor for building relationships. People always like to get responses to their comments, reviews, and questions. Social media helps in engaging with your audience in real-time. Building a relationship is crucial to get repeated business. Social media helps to build real relationships with your customers and audience that ultimately make them your loyal customer. 

Understanding what people talk about your brand is critical. There are a lot of tools to manage your business pages and accounts and give you a notification when somebody talks about your brand, using such tools helps in listening to your audience and responding to them quickly and effectively. 


In an era of digital transformation, digital marketing has become a significant part of marketing strategy for businesses as it helps in establishing a strong brand presence, reaching the targeted audience, and driving sales and revenue growth. You should be careful while selecting the right social media platform as each platform targets a different audience. 

Although social media may not directly generate sales, it does promote and increase the awareness of your brand and business profile. In comparison to traditional advertisement models, it is a cost-effective option for establishing brand awareness and positioning. Additionally, you should realize that social media alone does not result in the insurgence of success a business needs to thrive. It can be used to build a brand presence and reach a wider audience without spending a lot of money.

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